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I'm a highly motivated Web-Developer who is passionate about learning new technologies and working hard and smart to bring awesome full-stack applications to life.

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Freelycomment is my main focus nowadays. It's still in development(link below is only a tech demo) and will be released to the public when finished as a fully fledged social network. Currently it's being refactored to use redux toolkit to the fullest. Excuse the lack of styling as I haven't yet star… Read more ▼


  • MongoDb
  • Express
  • React
  • Redux

Disney Plus Clone

This is a project I made mainly to focus on improving my front-end and UI/UX skills. By making it I also learned how to use Firebase database and authentication. It's not intended a full website but more as a front-end demo. You can login with your Google account and then enjoy the cool styling and… Read more ▼


  • React
  • Firebase
  • Styled-Components

Socket-Io Chat-App

This is a project I made in order to learn to use socket-io which is used for real-time notifications on my main project Freelycomment. It's made with React and the server with Express.js. It's fully functional and can be tested


  • React
  • Socket-Io
  • Express

Backend Solutions

Backend Solutions is a fictional company project I made in order to learn Laravel. I had just taken a full PHP course and wanted to learn one of the hottest PHP frameworks. It features persistent full CRUD functionality and authentication with MySql. The styling was done with Bootstrap 4


  • Laravel
  • Bootstrap
  • MySql


I'm a web developer specialized in the JavaScript environment. For the front-end I use React.js and for the back-end I use Node.js, particularly with the Express framework. Regarding databases I have experience with MongoDb, MySql and Firebase. My favorite CSS libraries/frameworks are Material-UI and Styled-Components. For state management I specially enjoy Redux-toolkit and have worked extensively with it. I also have experience with PHP and Python.

  • Front-End

    React.js, Next.js, Redux-Toolkit

  • Back-End

    Express.js, Laravel

  • Databases

    MongoDb, MySql, Firebase


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